Center Consulting is a software engineering company specializing in the development of biometric solutions. The continual growth of our knowledge base in the fields of biometrics helps us provide comprehensive software engineering services and cost-effective solution development to our clients. Because we are specialized in our knowledge of biometrics and diversified in our knowledge of development platforms, tools, and methodologies, we are the ideal partner to build solutions to meet your biometric security needs. Our technological strengths include SDK development, image processing, video capture, neural networks, Web services, computer security, and database implementations.

Engineering biometric products requires the ability to move from the realm of abstract mathematical theory to that of practical, cost-effective solution development. To meet this challenge, Center Consulting draws on a wealth of theoretical capability, technological experience, and subject matter expertise in the areas of biometric product development, integration, and implementation. The men and women who form the Center Consulting team come from diverse cultural, scientific, technological, academic, and business backgrounds, but all share a passion for working with leading-edge technology and building state-of-the-art solutions to meet complex requirements.